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If you are looking to mount your iPad to a chair, table, bed or anywhere else these are some of the options out there.

Daessy DefenderTraditional AAC equipment is mounted using a mixture of bars, bolts and clamps. Daessy are possibly the most well known of these. They have two types of poles available the standard daessy poles or the lighter weight M-Series poles. The IPAD2SH and IPADH are mounting plates that fit to these. In the UK see Mounts & More for more info or see Daessy if you're in the US.

Rehadapt MountAnother option is the Rehadapt mounting system. See Dakin in the UK for more information on this or ATNad in the US

CJT MountCJT CJT mounting system have a CJT iPad security plate which can be used with their range of table, wheelchair and floor based mounts.

Meru Flexi MountOther products from the traditional AT/AAC field include RJ Cooper's range of mounts which can be seen here (Inclusive in the UK are selling a table-top mount too, similar to some of RJ's kit) and TFE in the US have a pretty decent range of traditional and non-traditional (such as velcro straps) for sale.

Some mounts are based on loc-line industrial hosing. You can either pull together your own specialist mount using this or use a supplier like ModularHose.com who provide kits for AT use.. Or, if you are in Europe take a look at Flexi from Meru.

Mount n MoverThe Mount n Mover is a really nice wheelchair mount designed for a whole range of uses - from reading traditional books, placing laptops on and it can of course be used to mount an iPad in a decent position. Its fairly unique in that it allows the user to move the device in and out from their seated position. Also available from Toby Churchill in the UK.

There are of course a whole raft of mounts and table stands for iPads out there for the regular market place. A lot of these aren't hugely suitable for Communication usage. There are some that stand out however;

RAM mounts have been around for a little while. Designed for sales reps & truck drivers to hold their laptops in the car - they are incredibly rugged. They come in a whole range of shapes and sizes - some of the interesting ones for wheelchair mounting can be seen here. If you are in the UK, Inclusive are selling a subset of these. Ablenet also sell a Table Top suction based mount which looks similar to some of these mounting solutions. Other systems specifically designed to hold iPads onto car windows are around - some fairly cheap and simple mind you. Tread carefully when you search for them on eBay or Amazon!

Walle Brackets and MountsThe Wallee is a clever bit of kit that comes as a iPad case with a number of brackets to fit onto the case; a standard VESA mount - the standard for flat screen monitors (you could for example use this with a Daessy/Rehadapt VESA bracket), a hand strap, a desktop mount, a wallmounting bracket (or into anything else you can muster up!) or a headrest (of a car seat) bracket which looks potentially useful for mounting onto thin bars. Available online from http://www.thewallee.com

Seasucker mountsThe SeaSucker Mounting system uses vacum cups to stick to a whole range of surfaces (something that traditional sucker based mounts struggle with is mottled plastic wheelchair trays) very strongly. Simply pump the cups up and you are away. Comes with a flexible arm and a range of accessories. Worth a look.

Bouncepod mountsAs well as the car, boat and home entertainment market its worth keeping an eye out for mounts that exist for the kiosk market - that is shops wanting to use iPads as display units. Bouncepad have some products for this market place; interestingly that also support covering the home button up - something that a lot of people request. (NB: If you use this you will of course need to set your iPad to not sleep! the mounts do allow a dock cable to provide power to the device). They also have a VESA mount.

Cushpad mountsSome mounts really aren't mounts but verging on docks or stands. Cushpad is an interesting such stand - really "cushy" as the name implies(!) and can be be positioned for landscape or portrait mode. Not too sure how firmly it holds the iPad in place - and again not too sure if it will still work as advertised if the iPad was in a case. Worth a look if you are looking to place iPads in soft-play or Snoezelen environments.

One of the features of new tablet computers is their lightness. With that in mind some of the traditional mounting solutions do seem overkill depending on the situation. Apple even, for a short time demonstrated this by hosting this video demonstrating the way an iPad can be mounted onto a range of surfaces including the tank of a motorbike(!) with every OT's favourite gadget; Velcro!.

Some companies have taken the idea a step forward and you can now purchase ready made Velcro solutions - such as the Body Mounts supplied by Ablenet


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