iPad Cases

If you are looking for a decent, rugged, drop happy case then take a look at some of these.. in no particular order..

Big Grips Frame

Big Grips PictureHandles: None.
Colours: Grey, Green, Blue, Pink
Material: Soft rubber
Available for the iPad 1 & 2.
Stand: Yes, Big Grips stand available at extra cost ($24.95 separately). Portrait or Landscape. Not attached.
Home button protector No
Price (US): Frame+Stand $49.95 , Frame: $34.95, Stand only: $24.95. Ed discounts available. (UK): Frame+Stand: £35, Frane: £24, Stand: £25
Available from: Amazon (US), Inclusive (UK)
For more info see

AAC Apps for Android

Every now and again I like to do a quick hunt on what's going on the Android AAC marketplace. I do intend to create a database on this site in the same way as the iDevices one but before I jump in and do it I do need to rethink some of the AAC categories and definitions. In the meantime here is the brief list that I have been referencing as AAC apps on Android. Please comment below or drop me an email if you have any other Android tip-offs! NB: 8 of those are already on the iOS Appstore (AAC SpeechBuddy, Sono Flex, Voice4U, Alexicom, Lets Talk, Powwow Talk, Discover MyVoice, TapToTalk).

Software & Licence changes

Today marks the release of iOS 5 as well as the release of the iPhone 4S. In short there isn't huge to mention about the 4S other than its snappier, has a much much better camera and now includes the Siri - which, for simplicity sake is essentially a supercharged version of Dragon Dictation for the iPhone.

But also, and I think more importantly is the fact that iCloud is released to the world. iCloud should enable syncing and managing multiple devices a lot lot easier - over wifi instead of being tied to a machine. This is great news but with this comes with a slight sting in the tale. Up until today a school or Local Authortity could buy as many devices as they liked, 100's for example, and place the same software under the same account on all 100 devices. Apple has now changed its Terms & Conditions to allow a maximum of 10 devices to use an account.

iPads and iPods for Communication and Control Study & Networking day Oxford 2011

Thursday 20 October 2011
9.30am-4.30pm, Milton Park Innovation Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Course fee: £75

With iPads and iPods now complementing other AAC systems, this Network Day is a real opportunity to find out first-hand exactly what impact they can make. The programme will feature practical case studies of apps in action both at home and school, and will cover a wide range of categories from autism to leisure. We’ll have several app providers exhibiting and the opportunity for you to get onto the podium to share your positive experiences (or otherwise!) with these new Apple devices. Add to that a practical session on access, mounting and accessories, and you’ve got a fabulous opportunity for all health and educational professionals to keep up-to-date with this fast-moving field. Call 01865 759800 or visit to book your place.

iOS 5 will change the game again

iOS 5 - the new Operating System for Apple's range of i Devices is just around the corner - with some suggesting it will be available around November time this year. Some of the features that will aid AAC & AT users are:
- Assistive Touch. The ability to control the entire device with assistive devices such as a joystick. If you want to see the demos of this in action take a look at the developer conference video at around 9 minutes (you will need to register to view the videos). It looks pretty impressive stuff.
- Custom Vibrations. Add your own vibration signature to contacts instead of the single brrrr you could do brrr brrrrrr brrr!
- LED flash light for alerts. The flash on the rear of the device can flash when an alert comes in
- Some mono audio settings for voiceover users

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