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Basic Details

For Device Both+
Price GBP £2.99
Price USD $4.99
Price AUD $5.49
App Size 47.6 MB
Last Updated Thursday, November 29, 2012
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AAC Details

Type  PECS
Speech  None
Access Options  Touch:Tap, Touch:Swipe
Symbols/Photos  Photos, Unknown


This app has been designed to facilitate functional two-way communication. It comes with sets of symbols, which have been categorised for the user e.g. ‘food’, ‘toys’, ‘drinks’ etc. The child is able to select a category and the app automatically shows the sentence starter ‘I want’. The child selects their desired item from the category, which is then added to the sentence starter to make a request e.g. ‘I want bubbles’.

  • Comes with a range of useful symbols which make sense - communication is logical and meaningful
  • You can customise the app by hiding symbols when they are not suitable or appropriate
  • You can customise, sort and add new categories
  • New symbols are regularly published, available for you to download. Growing your symbol sets is easy
  • Allows you to create your own symbols by using the iPad camera to create photographs of items that you need
  • Provides immediate communication at the right time
  • Supports genuine interaction - there is no synthetic voice or inappropriate use of language. All verbal prompts are eliminated


For video see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA0ryf9sqqk


Pictures Worth a Thousand Words 
Looking for a wonderful communication app for autism? A picture is definitely worth a thousand words to an ASD child. They thrive on pictures, visual schedules, and anything else visual. Most autistic children are either language-delayed or if on the lower end of the spectrum, non-verbal. A group of psychologists, speech therapists, and developers at n3o Digital has created iasku, a great app that teaches autistic children how to communicate interactively using pictures.
 (Dec 1st 2012)

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