I Can Speak


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For Device iPad
Price GBP £20.99
Price USD $29.99
Price AUD $31.99
App Size 10.0 MB
Last Updated Tuesday, April 6, 2010
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Symbols/Photos  Unknown


Contains a static 240 symbol area for core vocab and phrases (in a 6x7 grid), and a second dynamic area for two category lists: words list & activities list. On selecting items in these lists a central area changes.


Back In April the developers promised to have updates available "within a few weeks" such as personalized picture import, sound personalization, etc. As of August 20, still no such updates. If a child cannot read, how are they to understand the concept of "connecting" words, "helper" words, etc...I purchased this app with lots of hope that it would fill the void left by a broken SpringBoard Lite. The description was promising with mention of "static" pages and "action" pages.... A LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) philosophy many parents and educators follow when working with speech impaired children. But that soon turned to disappointment, once I realized that no foods has been loaded into any pages. Not very helpful..... Please update as promised! While it might be useful for some, food and beverage choices are more of a priority than art supplies! Also.... Many keys have same symbol, so again, if your child cannot yet read, this will be confusing.... The number of icons in the field at the same time can be overwhelming too!
 (Apr 6th 2010)

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