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Last Updated Thursday, October 27, 2011
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Word prediction system with Text to Speech. 6 word options. Allows you to store phrases.

Comments from Central Coast Children's Foundation, Inc

  • What is it? This text-to-speech app is specifically designed for people with augmentative and alternative communication needs. It uses word prediction to minimize the number of keystrokes needed to type a phrase - allowing the user to communicate at a more efficient pace.Other convenient features include three voice choices, large font and buttons and a favorites list to store commonly-used phrases.
  • Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Manufacturer recommends iPad for people with accessibility issues, because of its larger screen size.
  • Reviews: Users find the word prediction feature "fantastic" and "significant" in allowing people with speech difficulties hold a conversation. A customer with ALS said that it had a "simple" and accessible interface. One reviewer mentioned that his app did not work with his iPhone 3GS internal speaker (Assistive Apps, the company who makes the app, recommends it especially for iPad), although it was fine with regular earphones.


Assistive chat 
I like this app. Simple, easy to use. Would love to see something like this available as a writing assist, not just as a chat app.
 (Oct 27th 2011)
Assistive Chat is an “universal” app, a term that in the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch world indicates that the same app runs on all these devices, but using in each one of them a slightly different interface to better match the proportions and size of the screen. That, in my opinion, is the path that all developers should follow, as having two different apps requires you to pay twice if you want to use the app on an iPod away from home and on an iPad at home, to give an example. The app also adapts the interface depending on the orientation of the device. Assistive Chat has a simple but functional interface with large and easily accessible buttons. This, plus the word prediction functionality and the three voices give together the impression of a very successful and functional implementation of a TTS app.
 (Feb 26th 2011)

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