Finding software for the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices specifically to assist those with speech & language difficulties can be a difficult affair. Equally keeping ontop of the rapidly expanding field is hard too. For example in January 2011 there were 65 apps for AAC and in June there are 133. This site, developed to complement SpeechBubble, is designed to help individuals requiring independent information regarding the current apps out on the market.

Probably the best place to start on AppsForAAC (AAC: Augmentative & Alternative Communication) is by browsing the Full List of apps organised by category, speech system and symbol system used. For more information on a description of these categories and more information about this sites reason read the about page. You can also compare apps by clicking on the "Add to compare" link at the side or bottom of each app. Once you have added a few then just visit the App Comparison page to view your apps side by side.

As of right now, there are 265 apps listed in total, 55 of which are free, 17 of which are above £100.00 and 105 apps below £8.00 You can find the most recent of them below...